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Brand Story


A group of like-minded entrepreneurs were inspired by the rich traditions, quality of life and the belief in freedom of expression in the heart of Scandinavia, with Denmark and Copenhagen in particular, to create extraordinary brands that mirror these ideals for all to experience, embraces and cherish. 


Hence, in 2008, at the Bella Centre in Copenhagen, the HAGEN’S brand was launched to cater to the B2B market. Soon after, the KOBENS brand followed to reflect these same ideals to cater to the wider B2C market.

In 2016, a strategic partnership with a local group in Singapore initiated a journey for theses brands across Southeast Asia. Driven by effective and assertive marketing strategies, HAGEN’S establish itself to become a cornerstone in the foodservice, healthcare, and hospitality industries across two continents. 

In 2019, at the onset of the pandemic, KOBENS was our trump card brand that we eventually unveiled from our closet. This was indeed a pivotal point as the pandemic propelled the B2C market demand.

Today, KOBENS has successfully made inroads into the local supermarket front and forged links with established partners in the region. It has since been marketing products developed with internal and external expertise that carries the uncompromising attributes of the brand to cater to consumer of different segments and categories.

We now set our sights on propelling KOBENS to even greater heights with the promise of innovative products of superior design, above-average quality, competitive pricing, unwavering safety standards, time-tested reliability, and a steadfast commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey of enriching lives and touching hearts with joy and fulfillment with us. Together, we can enlighten the world on the values expressed in every HAGEN’S and KOBENS product along the way.

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